High Speed Internet with
free WiFi*
5Mbps 250GB Rs.500
FUP in Terabytes
WiFi Hotspots
Make any TV, Smart TV. Coming soon
Reach out your way.
Near or far.
Make the most of your landline and keep in touch
with your loved ones. Coming soon

The Goodness of
TV, Internet and phone

We are a simple company with simple goal

High Speed Internet: Fast, Reliable, and Connected


BYTENET gives you reliably fast speeds with the most coverage in your home so everyone can get online and connect all of their devices at the same time


Solutions For Any Business. Any Size. No matter your reach, find Bytenet services tailored to your business needs.


The fastest hotspots with the most coverage on the go included with Bytenet Internet at no charge

Stay connected at your favourite cities.

The Bytenet coverage area for the Hybrid Network is already established in 6 cities throughout Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. If you live near one of the following cities, call 1800-123-3231  to see if your residence is within the Bytenet coverage map.

Bytenet Multiscreen Features

Its fun to catch up in ways you never could before. Enjoy your favorite shows and movies anytime and anywhere with Bytenet IPTV. And it’s already included in your service.

Bytenet Hybrid Network

At Bytenet, we believe that a reliable network is also a secure network. We work every day to protect our network against outside attacks, tampering, malicious activity and events that could potentially disrupt or degrade our customers’ ability to use Bytenet Data and WiFi services.

What happens when we’re all connected to a faster network?